Taking action today to prevent
disability tomorrow

Support IMPACT India's Lifeline Express hospital train and double your donation!

Support IMPACT India's Lifeline Express hospital train and double your donation!

1.2 billion people globally live with needlessly disabling conditions which could have been prevented or could be treated if medical care was available.  This is both a cause and consequence of poverty.
IMPACT’s partners around the world take action to prevent and treat needless disability and to meet communities’ needs for healthcare, clean water and sanitation. This frees up people to work or go to school and reduces poverty as a result.

IMPACT’s BBC Radio 4 Appeal, with Nadiya Hussain was a huge success!

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How we make an IMPACT

  • Safer motherhood and child survival

    IMPACT projects ensure women and babies are healthy during pregnancy, birth, the first weeks of life and throughout infanthood. Find out more about how we are making motherhood safer in some of the poorest places in the world...

  • Early identification & treatment

    Identifying illnesses in their earliest stages can avert a lifetime of disability, suffering and poverty. But in developing countries, accessing healthcare is rarely straightforward. IMPACT projects provide a lifeline for the poorest men, women and children...

  • Ending malnutrition

    IMPACT is committed to ending malnutrition in all its forms. Our projects, accross Africa and Asia, take a comprehensive approach by educating people about nutrition; helping them grow fruit and vegetables to eat; and distributing supplements...

  • Health education & training

    IMPACT projects across Africa and Asia are empowering people with the skills and knowledge to meet their own health needs, and those of their communities as well as widening access to immunisation in underserved and remote communities...

  • Safer water & sanitation

    In the absence of clean water and sanitation, disease and poverty have a stronghold. Find out more about how IMPACT provides improved access to safe water and sanitation to homes, schools and entire communities in some of the poorest places across Africa and Asia...

  • Accessible surgery

    Surgery is sometimes the only way to treat a disabling condition but most people in the countries where IMPACT works have no hope of accessing it. Our projects ensure surgery is accessible for people who need operations to restore sight, hearing or mobility, or to repair cleft lip and childbirth injuries...


Restores sight, hearing or mobility, or repairs cleft lip

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