Nadiya Hussain – the chef, author and television personality – is to present a BBC Radio 4 appeal in aid of IMPACT!

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Hear Nadiya tell the story of IMPACT’s floating hospital in Bangladesh.  In a country of more than 700 rivers, it takes medical care and surgery to people living with disabling conditions who have no other hope of treatment.

‘My family are from Bangladesh, where medical care is hard to reach for the poorest people, and treatable health issues can turn into long-term disability, trapping people in poverty. A floating hospital is the perfect way to reach remote rural communities.’ – Nadiya Hussain.

Since 1999, IMPACT’s floating hospital has restored sight, hearing or mobility to one million people.

Nadiya will recount how Bokul’s life was transformed on board.  She was working as a cook but after developing cataracts at just 40 years old, she lost not only her vision but her income and independence too.  

She was too poor to seek medical treatment.  Bokul thought she would never see again until IMPACT’s floating hospital moored at a riverbank near her village.  Surgeons have now restored her sight and Bokul no longer feels a burden to her family. 

IMPACT has other ingenious means to reach people without access to healthcare – such as a hospital train in India, and mobile clinics in Cambodia, Nepal, Kenya and Zanzibar.

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