Situation update 02.04.2020

IMPACT works in countries with desperately inadequate healthcare at the best of times.  Our frontline health workers are gearing up to do all they can to support efforts against Coronavirus butthey urgently need more resources and we turn to you for support in this hour of need.

This week in Cambodia, we equipped rural clinics with protective equipment, beds, soaps and hand sanitiser in areas where thousands of migrant factory workers are returning from Thailand.  In Bangladesh, we began the process of readying our community hospitals to act as treatment and isolation wards – already there are 1,200 families in our project area in quarantine.  And in densely populated Zanzibar, we used video messaging to reinforce hygiene measures and social distancing.

With your help, there is so much more our local partners must do to prepare and respond to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Funds are urgently needed for medical equipment and basic medicines to treat people who are critically ill.  More hospital beds are also needed to establish temporary isolation wards and protective clothing to keep our patients and staff safe.

The poorest people in our project areas are also struggling to meet their basic food needs. People such as rickshaw drivers, roadside vendors and day labourers typically live hand-to-mouth and their livelihoods are being decimated by the lockdowns. IMPACT Bangladesh has already identified 500 families who are struggling with hunger.  

We know you face so many challenges of your own in these difficult times. But if you are able to provide additional support to IMPACT we would be so grateful:

£25 feeds a family for a month (an emergency food parcel includes rice, potatoes, lentils, oil and onions – as well as soap to prevent the spread of the virus)
£81 equips three frontline healthworkers with protective clothing (including gloves; caps; gowns and masks)
£118 provides a hospital ward with a month’s supply of soap and hand sanitiser
£175 is the cost of a hospital bed for a quarantine ward

Any surplus funds raised during this time would ensure IMPACT’s resilience to provide life-transforming operations, vital healthcare and empower people with health education without delay as soon as restrictions are lifted.

With thanks, as always, for your ongoing support.

Judi Stagg and the IMPACT UK team