With Coronavirus now confirmed in many of the world’s poorest countries, IMPACT is on the frontline of global action against the disease.  

It is at times like this that our flexible structure and trusted local partners enable us to act immediately and decisively, without the hindrance of bureaucracy.

We have already prepared many of our hospitals and rural clinics to act as treatment and isolation wards. And we continue to educate communities on hygiene measures and social distancing; as well as providing doctors and nurses with much-needed personal protective equipment and medical supplies.

Food parcels are also being distributed to vulnerable families, who are already living on the knife-edge of poverty. This is to keep hunger at bay and ensure people can stay safely at home, which ultimately protects the health of us all.

With a global pandemic on this scale, there is always more to be done, so we are working hard to raise additional funds to support our partners on the ground. This is such an immediate threat to life, not only to people living in our project areas, but also to IMPACT’s medical teams who we are proud to call friends as well as colleagues. 

We know you face so many challenges of your own in these difficult times. But if you are able to provide additional support to IMPACT we would be so grateful:

£25 feeds a family for a month (an emergency food parcel includes rice, potatoes, lentils, oil and onions – as well as soap to prevent the spread of the virus)
£81 equips three frontline healthworkers with protective clothing (including gloves; caps; gowns and masks)
£118 provides a hospital ward with a month’s supply of soap and hand sanitiser
£175 is the cost of a hospital bed for a quarantine ward

Any surplus funds raised during this time would ensure IMPACT’s resilience to provide life-transforming operations, vital healthcare and empower people with health education without delay as soon as restrictions are lifted.

With thanks, as always, for your ongoing support.

Judi Stagg and the IMPACT UK team