We have been working with IMPACT Foundation Bangladesh since 1993, taking action to prevent and treat needless disability in some of the poorest and most remote parts of Bangladesh.

Programmes include:

  • IMPACT Mothers’ Clubs are established to empower women with key health messages. Sessions focus on cooking, first aid, hygeine and sanitation as well as health education.
  • IMPACT Foundation Bangladesh’s Nursing Institute gives young women from impoverished communities the opportunity to become a fully qualified nurse and helps to meet the desperate need for nurses in Bangladesh.
  • Our comprehensive Water and Sanitation programme mitigates the harmful effects of arsenic contaminated water in communities throughout Chuadanga and Meherpur.
  • Home gardens are established for the poorest families to provide a source of nutrition and often a source of income as surplus vegetables can be sold to friends and neighbours.
  • Families are provided with livestock, such as hens and goats, so as to provide the family with a source of nutrition and income as surplus eggs can be sold. Families with a disabled member or with little to no income are prioritised.
  • In 1999, IMPACT launched the Jibon Tari Floating Hospital to take specialist care to areas with high levels of poverty treating people for cataracts, club-foot, cleft lip and loss of hearing.
The Jibon Tari

This year we are celebrating 20 years of the Boat of Life!

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Contact details

Dr. Hasib Mahmud, Director                                          Email: impact@dhaka.net
Website:www.impactfoundationbd.org                             Facebook: www.facebook.com/Impact-Foundation-Bangladesh