IMPACT supports our trusted partner Maternity Africa, a local organisation in Arusha, dedicated to making motherhood safer for women and their babies.

In addition to training local midwives to deliver safe and caring support, and providing a clean, well-equipped hospital environment in which to deliver, Maternity Africa restores to health and dignity women who have suffered birth injuries during long and obstructed labours. Many are still grieving stillborn babies or have been cast out by family, and some have lived with the pain and incontinence caused for years.

Action takes place at Maternity Africa’s specialist Kivulini hospital, which also acts as a referral centre for other hospitals in the area, who can send women and babies needing advanced medical care to it.

Outreach teams travel to remote rural communities to empower women with knowledge about birth injuries and encourage women living with these conditions (which are often hidden away out of shame) to seek help at Kivulini.

IMPACT also provides support to Maternity Africa’s partner hospitals, which are treating women affected by birth injuries in Afar, Ethiopia, and in Juba, South Sudan.

You can support Maternity Africa’s work by donating here.

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