Due to the economic impact of the Coronavirus, the poorest families in our project areas are struggling to meet their basic food needs.

IMPACT has supported 10,500 people with emergency food parcels since the start of the pandemic – keeping hunger at bay and ensuring that the most vulnerable people have the resources to stay safely at home, which ultimately protects the health of us all.

IMPACT’s Tasty Team UK volunteers are also distributing emergency food parcels to people isolating or affected by the Coronavirus in Mid Sussex.

From Hamid in Pakistan, Kassim in Zanzibar, Krishnan in Sri Lanka, Shamim in Bangladesh, Suraj in Nepal and Lucinda in the UK…we are grateful to IMPACT’s many global volunteers who have made this possible.

More funds for this work are urgently needed.

£25 feeds a family for a month (an emgergency food parcel includes rice, potatoes, lentils, oil and onions – as well as soap to prevent the spread of the virus)