Happy Birthday to the Boat of Life!

20 years ago, IMPACT’s vision for a floating hospital in Bangladesh became a reality – replicating the idea behind our hospital train in India but adapted to suit a country with 700+ rivers.

The Jibon Tari (Boat of Life) has been travelling the waterways ever since, taking surgery to repair needlessly disabling conditions, medical treatment, health education and training for local health professionals to the heart of marginalised communities where few, if any, medical services exist.

Often these treatments are life-transforming; giving back lost sight, hearing or movement at an average cost to IMPACT of just £40 Each is an individual miracle, enabling someone to fulfil their potential, to work, support their families, or learn in school.

To mark the 20th anniversary of IMPACT’s floating hospital in Bangladesh, a generous family has issued us with a challenge.

If, together, we can raise £225,000, they will match every single £1 donation – doubling the impact of your gift.

This match funding challenge is an extraordinary opportunity. Please help us by making a gift to ensure the Jibon Tari continues to deliver health care to margnialised men, women and children for the next 20 years.