From bake sales to garden parties, your support means we can reach more people and provide the help they need to live a life free from needless disability. Have a look at some of these ideas to get you started.

Inspiration is everywhere

Popular television programmes provide novel fundraising ideas. How about a ‘Come Dine with Me’ style dinner party competition? Or a ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ evening? The possibilities are endless!

Give something up

Give up something that you love like chocolate or alcohol, for a month or even a year and see those donations roll in.

Personal Challenge

Feeling brave? You could raise money for IMPACT by shaving your hair off!

Organise your own event

You could raise vital funds for us by organising your own event, such as: 

  • Fancy dress party
  • Coffee morning
  • Barn dance
  • Bingo night
  • Or you could get together with friends and organise a cake sale, raffle or tombola at your work or school

Loose change changes lives

It’s amazing how quickly loose change can add up when you transform old jars into collecting pots. We can also accept coins and notes in foreign currency, as well as those now out of circulation.

Celebrate with us

You could ask friends for a donation rather than presents for a birthday or wedding, or throw a party and ask for donations at the door.

Collection tin

Would you like one of our collection tins for your shop? Let us know and we will send you one.

Whatever you choose to do, your fundraising will make a huge difference to the lives of people living with the burden of needless disability. We have plenty more ideas and would love to help so just get in touch. Contact us!