In Tanzania, IMPACT’s local partner, Maternity Africa, restores hope to women who are injured giving birth.

Regina’s story

“I am so happy to be called Mama after all these years”

Regina, 36

Regina’s first baby was stillborn after a long, obstructed delivery which left her with a hole in her birth canal and leaking urine uncontrollably.

Like so many women with obstetric fistula, Regina was abandoned by her husband and not knowing that her condition was treatable, she suffered in silence. That was until Maternity Africa outreach workers visited her village and supported her through surgery and recovery.

Fast forward one year and it was a joy to see Regina again – this time as an expectant mother. It is never a straightforward pregnancy after fistula, so Maternity Africa midwives monitored Regina closely to term and delivered baby Anna by Caesarean Section.

A million women in Africa and Asia suffer the devastating consequences of fistula – a largely preventable condition rarely seen in wealthier countries because access to medical care prevents injury.

An operation and post-operative care package costs £200 and with resources we could transform the lives of even more women.