IMPACT’s Jibon Tari  floating hospital in Bangladesh has temporarily suspended some non-essential services due to the Coronavirus but it remains a beacon of hope for the poorest people.

The floating hospital takes basic healthcare, medical care including surgery, training and health education to communities which lack even rudimentary health provision.  It transforms lives daily for men, women and children who thought they would remain disabled for life. The Jibon Tari visits new communities each year, aiming to directly benefit over 50,000 annually and there is always a huge demand for its services.  It is a boon to poor villagers in Bangladesh, who do not have access to alternative medical care.

In March 2020, the hospital moved to a new location, Babuganj in Barisal District. This is an area of great need, with high levels of poverty and few existing health services. The medical team on board are well-equipped with personal protective equipment and still providing out-patient support for the most vulnerable people needing urgent medical care.

DONATE NOW – So many impoverished men, women and children rely for their only health care on facilities like the Jibon Tari and with your support, services – including life-transforming operations and vital healthcare – could ramp back up as soon as restrictions are lifted