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30 years of taking the hospital to the people  

It started with a simple idea.  If people could not get to a hospital, the hospital should go to them.  And what better way in India than by train?

Now three decades later, we need your support to ensure that care can continue to be provided to thousands of people – and we have a wonderful opportunity to make your gift go twice as far at no extra cost to you.

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2021 marks the 30th anniversary of IMPACT India’s Lifeline Express hospital train.   Since 1991, it has travelled across India taking life-changing surgery to restore sight, hearing or mobility to the poorest people living in rural areas. New services have been added in recent years including cancer screening and dentistry to treat those in constant pain from tooth decay.  Its modern carriages house two operating theatres and recovery wards, clinics and testing facilities.  More than two million people have benefited so far.

When IMPACT India’s surgeons reverse a disabling condition, that person is put back on the road to self-sufficiency and the benefits extend beyond them to their family and their community.  

Double your gift!

Gifts made in support of IMPACT India’s Lifeline Express hospital train’s 30th birthday will be doubled by a philanthropic family, who has agreed to match donations pound for pound if we can raise £195,000 by the end of March 2022.

It is ambitious but we believe it is also achievable. The sooner donations come in, the more opportunities we will have to encourage further giving from other sources.

The funds are needed to fund projects in three rural locations. This would benefit more than 26,000 people – including more than 14,000 people treated for medical conditions as outpatients and more than 1,500 people who would undergo surgery to reverse a needlessly disabling condition. 

How you can help

Examples of how every donation helps:

£27 provides mobility aids or orthopaedic devices to restore movement

£43restores sight, hearing or mobility, or repairs cleft lip through surgery

£110 helps take medical screening and health education to surrounding villages

Will you help transform the lives of people in need of surgery or medical treatment on board the hospital train? You can find details of how to give here.

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In 2016, IMPACT India’s Lifeline Express hospital train featured in a short BBC film presented by Ade Edmondon: