Our partners in Bangladesh are installing safe water sources, improving toilet facilities and providing menstrual health kits and education to impoverished girls’ schools.

We spoke to Ridita, a 13-year-old student of Damurhuda Pilots Girl’s School in Chuadanga…

“Before, when I had my period, I did not go to school. I was afraid of using school toilet as it was dirty and dark and there was no place for disposing pads, so I just stayed at home”.

Her close friend Sriti (13) also faced the similar problem. It is estimated that 67% of girls in rural Bangladesh miss up to three days of school each month because they have their period. The reason is multifaceted – safe, private toilet facilities are often not accessible at school. The result is that many girls are left to catch up at school every month, impeding educational outcome.

“Now everyone, even the girls who haven’t started their periods yet, they already know through our class session. Now we understand what to do when it comes to a period. The whole class, even the teachers, are so happy to receive such facilities.”