Moniruzzaman has been the chef at IMPACT Bangladesh’s floating hospital for 20 years!

Wholesome food to nourish sick people & promote healing after surgery is something IMPACT takes very seriously, so patients are served meals made with the freshest ingredients during their stay.

Moniruzzaman kindly shared his mixed vegetable recipe with us, a staple for patients and staff on board the Jibon Tari Floating hospital. This recipe is something he will prepare most days and will serve approximately 30 people!

Mixed Vegetable Recipe


  • Vegetables: carrot, cauliflower, papaya, 10kg
  • Onion 2kg
  • Garlic 25g (smashed)
  • Ginger 25g (smashed)
  • Cumin powder 25g
  • Vegetable Oil 200g
  • Green Chilies 100g
  • Salt 


  • Chop vegetables into small pieces, clean and dry
  • Put oil in to a large based pan and heat for 2 minutes on high flame
  • Add onion slices and cumin powder and stir for 1-2 minutes
  • Then add salt, ginger and garlic mash and stir for 2-3 few minutes
  • Finally, add the vegetables and stir under medium flame for 10 minutes

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