IMPACT Cambodia’s 1,000 Days project supports women and their babies from the start of pregnancy to the child’s second birthday.

Shaping Healthy Futures

by Sophea Chun

Trustee, IMPACT Cambodia 

This project is prevention at its best, before the child is even born. Waiting to help a child at school, or later, can be too late.

So what’s the problem?
Too many Cambodian mothers and babies die unnecessarily during pregnancy and birth.  And children die for avoidable reasons, like vaccine-preventable diseases and diarrhoea. Malnutrition affects 45% of children.

IMPACT’s solution: We support poor, rural mothers from the start of pregnancy until her child is two years old – 1,000 days. We make antenatal care available, so a mother does not worry about the cost and leave it too late before seeking medical attention.  We ensure her birth is safe and sanitary. If needed, Caesarean Sections prevent loss of life.  Later we support breastfeeding, monitor immunisations and give regular health checks to the baby.  We educate mothers on nutritious food and how to grow vegetables.

We also help with low cost wells and toilets, so that families do not get sick.  Our aim is to get every village we work with participating fully.  Like IMPACTs everywhere we give a hand-up, not a hand-out.

There is no limit to the number of mothers that can be supported, other than funding! NOW IS THE TIME to give babies a healthy start in life.