Our School Health Monitoring Programme takes healthcare directly into the classroom in some of the poorest schools in Kenya.

Taking healthcare into the classroom.

By Mildred Omondi Project Nurse, School Health Monitoring Programme, Kenya

Our day starts early, travelling on rough roads to remote schools. Time is precious if we are to meet every child. First we hold an assembly, teaching healthy practices and presenting the school with a First Aid kit, so that wounds are correctly treated. Most parents cannot afford shoes, which causes lots of injuries.

Class by class we then screen and treat children for health problems. Skin conditions and ear infections are common ailments that if left untreated can cause pain, discomfort and disability.

Intestinal worms cause health problems for these hungry children, so everyone is dewormed.

In the afternoon we establish a School Health Club and train pupil health monitors. They will carry on our work once we are gone and alert us through their teachers of any sick pupils. You must imagine how proud they are to receive their ‘Health Monitor’ certificates at the end of the day!

We face daily challenges like harsh weather; drought; deep poverty and illiteracy amongst the community; as well as resistance to modern medicine. But we have the very important role of providing free healthcare to inaccessible areas. This is the source of our satisfaction. The smiles on the faces of these children says it all!