Our partners in Zanzibar are committed to providing healthcare to remote and impoverished communities and to those who need it most.

Like many of our IMPACT partners around the world, to do this they “take the hospital to the people”.

A day in the life of IMPACT Zanzibar’s Mobile Clinic

Once a month up to 60 volunteers come together to take IMPACT’s mobile clinic to remote areas of Zanzibar which lack health facilities.

Among them are opticians, doctors, dentists, gynaecologists, ENT specialists, cooks, and general helpers.

Clinics are usually staged in school buildings and are well-advertised in advance.

Members of the community come from miles around and it is not uncommon for 500+ people to attend seeking medical treatment.

Screening and ‘on the spot’ treatment are provided for such conditions as hypertension; ear and eye disease; visual impairment; diabetes; gynaecological issues; tooth decay and skin problems.

A system of referral is in place for any patients requiring specialist care.