Our team

IMPACT’s policy of working with local people, instead of sending expensive expatriate staff overseas reduces costs and – most importantly – empowers men and women to meet the needs of their own communities in a sustainable way that does not create dependency.

Our small UK team are based in Haywards Heath, guided by our Board of Trustees.

We work together with IMPACT Switzerland and IMPACT Norway to raise money to support our partners throughout Africa and Asia.

Worldwide team

  • Sambo Tey

    IMPACT Cambodia
    Sambo established IMPACT Cambodia in 2007 after a career in journalism and teaching. She has previously worked as Head of Press Bureau for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and at UNESCO. ‘Word spreads.  At every clinic we hold more patients come.  In this environment we cannot turn people away’.

  • Theuri Wachira

    IMPACT East Africa
    Theuri is a Public Health professional, who has headed up the IMPACT East Africa team in Kenya since 2013. ‘We support communities that are prepared to work with IMPACT East Africa, rather than being passive recipients of aid.’

  • Dr Hasib Mahmud

    IMPACT Bangladesh
    Hasib joined IMPACT Bangladesh in 2008. He has vast experience in the field of public health through working with national and international non-government organisations. ‘We envisage a Bangladeshi society free from disability and poverty – where people are able to fully realise the potential of their lives.’

  • Zelma Lazarus

    IMPACT India
    Zelma is the founding Director and CEO of IMPACT India, the first of the IMPACT organisations to be established back in 1983. ‘The Lifeline Express arose from a simple yet powerful thought – if people cannot come to the hospital, then the hospital should come to them’.

  • Dr Naufal Kassim

    IMPACT Zanzibar
    Naufal was Zanzibar’s first ENT surgeon and is the founder of IMPACT’s thriving disability prevention programme on the islands. ‘We are proud to have been able to form such a wonderful family with one goal of making the Zanzibar community better on health, education and clean and reliable water to mention a few.’

  • Krishan Jayawardena

    IMPACT Sri Lanka
    Krishnan is an engineer and chartered environmentalist by profession. As Chairman of IMPACT Sri Lanka he oversees IMPACT’s clinic in Weerawila. ‘People depend on our clinic, as government hospitals do not have many medicines and our patients cannot afford to buy their requirements’.

  • Professor Dr. Rakesh Prasad Shrivastav

    IMPACT Nepal
    Rakesh is a founding member of IMPACT Nepal, bringing his expertise as one of the world’s leading ENT surgeons to the prevention and treatment of disabling conditions in Nepal. ‘The notion that disabled people have equal rights is largely absent from the popular mind-set.  We work hard to challenge this.’

  • Hamid Ali

    IMPACT Pakistan
    Hamid has overseen IMPACT Pakistan since 2014. ‘The vision, mission and the effectiveness of IMPACT’s projects in Pakistan has given me the opportunity to serve the vulnerable communities in Pakistan.’

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