Our team

IMPACT’s policy of working with local people, instead of sending expensive expatriate staff overseas reduces costs and – most importantly – empowers men and women to meet the needs of their own communities in a sustainable way that does not create dependency.

Our small UK team are based in Haywards Heath, guided by our Board of Trustees.

We work together with IMPACT Switzerland and IMPACT Norway to raise money to support our partners throughout Africa and Asia.

UK team

  • Judi Stagg

    Chief Executive – IMPACT UK

    Judi has been a driving force behind IMPACT since its earliest days, working together with our founders Sir John Wilson and Claire Hicks, to establish our global programme. ‘It has been a privilege to see the IMPACT family mature from our small grassroots back in 1985’.

    Email: judi@impact.org.uk

  • Sarah Smith

    Deputy Chief Executive

    Sarah has worked alongside Judi at IMPACT’s helm since 2000.  She has two decades of fundraising experience and now oversees our international programme of action – supporting our trusted partners to ensure projects are delivered on time, on budget and with life-changing results.

    Email: sarah@impact.org.uk

  • Pascale Noel

    Director of Fundraising and Development

    Pascale oversees IMPACT UK’s fundraising activities. She joined IMPACT in 2007 and has more than twenty years’ experience in the UK voluntary sector. In her previous role she co-ordinated a charity supporting people affected by immigration detention.

    Email: pascale@IMPACT.org.uk

  • Jackson Medlow-Stagg

    Fundraising Manager

    Jackson has over ten years’ experience working in the charity sector and 5 years under her belt working in a fundraising role at IMPACT.

    ‘The best part of my job is knowing that the money I help raise can and will transform a person’s life.’

    Email: jackson@impact.org.uk

  • Tessa Brown

    Finance Manager

    Tessa has worked at IMPACT for over ten years and manages the finances of the organisation. Tessa works closely with our international partners, ensuring they have the resources to deliver their programmes to prevent and treat needless disability.

    Email: tessa@impact.org.uk

  • Julia Nottingham

    Office Manager

    Julia works alongside the fundraising team as well as taking care of the day to day running of the UK office. Julia is our front of house member of staff and is likely to be the first person you speak to when you telephone the IMPACT office!

    Email: impact@impact.org.uk

  • Lisa Waller

    UK Programme Co-ordinator

    Lisa has been running our UK programme since 2017. Lisa works with our UK volunteers to deliver the Tasty Team programme which empowers people across West Sussex to prepare nutritious meals on a budget.

    Email: lisa@impact.org.uk

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