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IMPACT’s policy of working with local people, instead of sending expensive expatriate staff overseas reduces costs and – most importantly – empowers men and women to meet the needs of their own communities in a sustainable way that does not create dependency.

Our small UK team are based in Haywards Heath, guided by our Board of Trustees.

We work together with IMPACT Switzerland and IMPACT Norway to raise money to support our partners throughout Africa and Asia.

UK trustees

  • Nick Astbury

    Nick has been a consultant eye surgeon and a previous president of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists. He now works part-time at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, mainly involved with the VISION 2020 LINKS Programme, the Journal of Community Eye Health, and education and training in developing countries, particularly in Africa.

  • David Walker

    David was in the British Diplomatic Service and saw aid assistance first hand in a number of countries. As High Commissioner to Bangladesh he met IMPACT and was impressed by our vision, practicality, value for money and localism; all of which he has supported since becoming a trustee in 2000. David was IMPACT UK’s Chair from 2003-2020.

  • Robin Hope (Honorary Treasurer)

    Robin started in the London Insurance Market in 1960 where, in due course, he held senior positions in the companies for which he worked. He gained considerable experience which, after retiring in 2002, he has been delighted to bring to IMPACT assisting the staff, investment and IMPACT Lunch Club Committees.

  • John Scott (Vice Chair)

    John joined IMPACT over twenty years ago, at the time of the construction of the Jibon Tari floating hospital.  John is a Master Mariner with extensive shipping experience, as well as previously being involved in overseas development projects and holding a degree in International Studies and Development. 

  • Claire Hicks

    Claire was our founding Director and CEO (1985-2009) and brings wide experience of the delivery of appropriate, affordable healthcare and contacts in international development. A passionate advocate for equality, poverty alleviation and the eradication of needless disability, she has worked in most of the countries where IMPACT programmes are active.

  • John Mowbray

    John was for many years a barrister (latterly a QC) practising in trust and charity matters, gaining expertise relevant to IMPACT and its charitable endeavours.  John was also chair of Westminster Mind, the mental health charity, for seven years, which has given him an abiding interest in mental health.

  • Lady Prance

    Anne has a background in teaching English as a foreign language in Central America, Brazil, Hawaii, Bangladesh and the Philippines and is a past Chair of IMPACT. ‘Everywhere the need for preemptive action against disease is imperative, so it is a privilege to be connected with IMPACT’s many faceted prevention programmes.’

  • Peter Webster

    Peter is a retired chartered accountant who joined our board in 1996 as Honorary Treasurer.  He stepped down from the role in 2018 but remains a valuable trustee, with extensive knowledge of IMPACT’s finances.  Peter is also a long term supporter.  

  • Lady Wilson (Honorary President)

    Lady Wilson, our Honorary President, founded IMPACT with her late husband Sir John and their daughter Claire Hicks in 1985.  Jean remains a staunch advocate of disabled peoples’ rights, with much of her focus now on hearing impairment.  She is an active Trustee with a wealth of experience and rarely misses a meeting.

  • Brenda Luck (Chair)

    Brenda was GP partner in rural South Staffordshire from 1980 to 2006. During a sabbatical from the practice, she spent time with the IMPACT-supported PNR Society in Bhavnagar, India and became a trustee on her return. Since retiring, she indulges her love of Latin, grows trees in her Welsh woodland and enjoys walking trips. Brenda has visited many IMPACT programmes overseas and took over from David Walker as IMPACT UK’s Chair in April 2020.

  • Keith Barnard-Jones

    Keith retired from medical practice on the island of Portland in 1995. A Rotarian for 40 years, Keith has worked in Hong Kong with Vietnamese refugees, and was a Director of Rotary International in 2001-2003.  Initially the link between Rotary and IMPACT, Keith is now an IMPACT Trustee.

  • Gordon Bennett

    Gordon was a commercial barrister in Lincoln’s Inn but retired from the Bar a few years ago.  He now works for Forest Peoples’ Programme, mostly on aboriginal land claims in Africa and elsewhere.  He focuses on the legal side of IMPACT’s activities.

  • David Jameson-Evans

    Jamie (as he is known to everyone) is a retired orthopaedic surgeon who has been involved with IMPACT for 20 years, both as a trustee and as a volunteer surgeon in Bangladesh and Nepal. He remains involved with IMPACT’s projects; especially with the surgical management of IMPACT’s patients.

  • Mike O’Connell

    Mike has worked with IMPACT for many years, first as a surgeon on board the Jibon Tari floating hospital in Bangladesh, promoting hearing conservation and now as a trustee. ‘I have always been impressed with the range of IMPACT projects and the huge numbers of people whose lives they influence’. Mike lives in Sussex, working in local hospitals and at all other times is being told what to do by his three young children.

  • Vinit Shah

    Vinit is a consultant paediatrician, with a special interest and expertise in training health care professionals. He is a Fellow of the Royal college of Paediatrics and Child Health and an accredited instructor for Paediatric and Newborn life support courses, recognised by the UK Resuscitation Council. Over the past 19 years, Vinit has been involved in training traditional midwives and health care workers in India. He has also worked in medical camps in India and Africa.

  • Sal Rassam

    Sal is a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon in West Sussex.  Sal has been involved in charity work for many years, conducting regular eye surgery camps overseas.  He joined IMPACT’s board in 2019.

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