Thanks to our generous UK donors, IMPACT’s frontline medics are being provided with medical equipment, protective clothing and basic medicines to treat people who are critically ill. Sadly, there are confirmed cases of Coronavirus in all our project areas, so this is a rapidly changing situation.

Bangladesh Staff at our three hospitals, including the Jibon Tari floating hospital, are being issued with personal protective equipment (PPE) and isolation units are being set up in readiness to treat the most critically ill patients.

Zanzibar Our local team is supporting Coronavirus preparedness at seven under-resourced government hospitals and helping to establish two isolation wards, one on each of Zanzibar’s main islands. Television adverts and posters are spreading vital health messages.

Cambodia We are equipping rural clinics with protective clothing, beds, soaps and hand sanitiser in areas where thousands of migrant factory workers are returning from Thailand. 

India Healthworkers in Maharashtra are being equipped so that they can continue to safely provide maternal healthcare to the poorest rural women.

Nepal IMPACT Nepal is responding to the need for basic medical supplies and PPE in our project areas.

£81 equips three frontline healthworkers with protective clothing (including gloves; caps; gowns and masks)