This £60 gift token will provide care and support for another person affected by leprosy.

IMPACT works with some of the few remaining communities in Cambodia still affected by leprosy. Specially trained healthworkers visit people in their homes, ensuring widespread access to the drug therapy (which can successfully treat the disease), as well as meeting other medical needs. They also support people with existing nerve damage to prevent injuries and infections which can cause further disabilities.

Importantly, this work also tackles the stigma surrounding leprosy, as Nhep (74) attests: ‘Because I haThe gift of care and support for someone affected by leprosyve leprosy, people used to stare at me and say words that hurt my feelings. So I decided not to go out and see anyone, not even doctors when I was sick. Now IMPACT has visited me in my home and explained to my neighbours the facts about the disease, I feel more open to no longer hiding alone in the house.’

IMPACT gifts are represented by a beautifully packaged token card, and there are a variety of thoughtful extras that you can include at checkout. You can choose to have your token sent to your home address, or directly to someone else.

We make our tokens to order, so please tell us about any personal touches or messages you would like included with your gift in the notes field as you checkout — or contact Julia (our Office Manager) directly  We can also send an ecard on request.



The gift of care and support for someone affected by leprosy


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