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So many disabling conditions could be alleviated – often at low-cost – if only medical care was available to the people who need it.  

For example, a cataract operation can take as little as 20 minutes to restore a person’s sight yet the lives and productivity of almost 67 million people are blighted by un-treated cataract; for each, an individual tragedy.

Like visual impairment, much hearing and mobility loss and disabling conditions such as cleft lip or obstetric fistula could also be treated; with life-transforming results. 

Scant medical facilities in rural areas and lack of money to pay for treatment means that most impoverished people are unlikely ever to receive the operation they need leaving them unnecessarily disabled and trapped in hardship for life. Welfare safety nets simply do not exist.

IMPACT’s solution is to ‘take the hospital to the people’ in ways tailored to local conditions.

Our doctors travel by train, boat and off-road vehicle to reach and treat needlessly disabled people. 

We also establish static facilities to provide quality medical services in remote areas. Our operating theatres transform the lives of nearly 20,000 people each year.