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An estimated one billion people lack access to healthcare. 

IMPACT reaches as many of them as we can, screening for the early signs of disabling conditions such as sight or hearing loss and providing effective treatment before long-term damage is done to their health, lives, independence and potential. Prevention is better than cure.

We support our partners to run health clinics in remote areas, providing an essential service to the very poorest people.

This often means innovative solutions to meet local challenges – for example mobile clinics in minibuses, off-road vehicles or on boats! 

Meanwhile, our specialist centres provide hearing aids, mobility aids and prosthetic limbs to help the estimated 90% of people who need an assistive device but lack one.  

An excellent way to reach thousands of vulnerable youngsters is to train the people they see every day to check their health. 

A programme of training for teachers, nursery school teachers, and students creates School Health Monitors who can identify sight, hearing and other conditions and refer children to our teams for treatment. We would never be able to reach so many people otherwise. 

We give medical kits to schools so that minor injuries do not become infected and cause long-term problems.

IMPACT also builds the capacity of local medical professionals by facilitating on-going training. This enlarges the skills and knowledge reservoirs in impoverished areas and aids the sustainability of our projects.