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Great strides have been made to reduce the number of women and babies who die during pregnancy, childbirth or the first days of life. 

This is something to celebrate and IMPACT has played our part in the remarkable progress made. 

Yet our joy is tempered by the knowledge that thousands of women and babies still die or are disabled by maternal causes every day.  99% of them live in developing countries. 

Regular monitoring and trained assistance during pregnancy and delivery is the best safeguard, yet the poorest women rely on untrained Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) to deliver their babies.  

TBAs’ lack of knowledge endangers lives, so IMPACT trains and equips them to work safely. 

IMPACT Cambodia supports women and babies through the first 1,000 days of life, from conception to the child’s second birthday.  Improving nutrition in this crucial window lays the bedrock of lifelong health.

We are investing in infrastructure too.  IMPACT has established bustling maternity clinics in remote areas, including 16 set up in the mountains of Pakistan following the devastating 2005 earthquake. 

Women who give birth alone, without professional help or miles from the nearest health facility, are at greater risk of obstetric fistula (a tear in the birth canal).  Sadly, the baby often dies. 

We support a dedicated unit in Arusha, Tanzania, where impoverished women come for surgical repair. 

Our partners in Zanzibar and Bangladesh also provide obstetric/gynaecological surgery to restore women to health.