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Safe water and sanitation are the foundation stones upon which prosperity is built; it is impossible for a community or country to move forward if constant sickness holds its people back. 

We bring safe water into impoverished communities through the installation of wells, boreholes and water tanks and the provision of filters. 

This cuts the long distances people must walk to collect water and ensures its safety. It can be used for drinking, cooking, washing and for watering the kitchen gardens we help families establish to improve nutrition. 

IMPACT installs different types of watersource according to the local conditions. 

For example, in Kenya where the water table is low, we drill deep boreholes in school grounds so children and their families can access it. 

In Bangladesh, there is an ample supply of water but it is at risk of arsenic contamination, so we regularly test boreholes and provide families with filters to remove this natural poison from the water they drink.

Water and sanitation are two sides of the same coin. 

Clean water will provide limited benefit if diseases can still spread in unhygienic conditions. 

To improve sanitation, IMPACT installs toilets in schools and the homes of vulnerable people in Bangladesh, Kenya and Nepal.   

Our health education is changing the practice of open defecation and promoting hand washing and good hygiene.