Our local partner in Kenya, IMPACT East Africa, implements a school health programme to improve the health of disadvantaged children in Kitui County.

Kitui County is one of the poorest parts of the country with poverty levels at 63%. Low rainfall and recurring droughts account for chronic water shortages and widespread food insecurity.

Most schools rely on local rivers as a source of water, which are not only contaminated but many are infested with crocodiles, making it a dangerous business to collect water.

IMPACT East Africa establish Rainwater Harvesting Systems in schools in Kitui, mitigating the threat of disease due to the use of unsafe water.

The principal of rainwater harvesting is to collect, filter and store rainwater from a roof. Rainwater Harvesting Systems are a cost-effective and sustainable solution to the severe lack of water in the area. 

The a rain water harvesting system run alongside the school health programme and helps make so much more possible, such as gardening, handwashing and tree planting!