One year on…

As the world adjusted to the reality of a novel coronavirus tearing a swathe through the human population, the health inequalities between rich and poor within countries, and between countries, were never more obvious.

While wealthier countries such as the UK struggled to access enough personal protective equipment (PPE) for our health workers due to huge global demand, in many low-income countries funds for PPE were almost non-existent leaving doctors and nurses to protect themselves from a highly contagious virus however they could.

Many of IMPACT’s hospitals, and Government hospitals we work with, found themselves on the frontline of a rapidly unfolding crisis and quickly had to adapt to deal with the pandemic, for example by creating isolation wards and intensive care units with specialist medical equipment, and purchasing much more PPE, soap, sanitiser, and disinfectant.

Already high standards of infection control had to be strengthened further while medical teams dwindled as staff became infected themselves and had to isolate.

At the same time, lockdowns around the world prevented people from going out to work and toppled many living precarious hand-to-mouth existences into extreme poverty.

We are continuing to support our partners to:

  • Provide food parcels for families at risk of hunger
  • Equip IMPACT’s clinics and hospitals, ensuring frontline healthworkers were adequately protected
  • Keep vital medical services running wherever possible
  • Take Coronavirus health education to remote communities and install handwashing stations

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Covid-19 Appeal

Your gift today would enable our long-term work to get back on track after an extremely challenging year and allow us to deliver urgently needed medical care and disability prevention initiatives to the people who rely on us to provide life-changing surgery, medical care during pregnancy, a clean water supply to keep their children safe and so much more.

IMPACT Tasty Team

A year ago, when the first lockdown started, the IMPACT Tasty team collaborated with the local food bank here in Haywards Heath to provide essential food supplies to local vulnerable families in the Mid Sussex area.

Recipe Boxes including the recipes and all the ingredients to make 3 tasty meals for the family have been packed and delivered over the past 12 months by an ever expanding team of over 40 volunteers.

We have been supported by local businesses who have donated ample supplies of fresh fruit and vegetables. 

Over the year a total of 426 deliveries to 321 people have been made, these deliveries included 5,590 meals. 

We are still providing Recipe Boxes to a smaller number of families, as well as running cookery sessions on Zoom. 

Whilst the children have been at home these have been a great opportunity for the whole family to get involved. 

If you know of anyone that may benefit from these please do get in touch.

IMPACT Tasty Team

UK Programme