The Lifeline Express

IMPACT India’s Lifeline Express Hospital Train comprises a fully equipped operating theatre, diagnostic centre and post-operative ward, teaching facilities, laboratory and workshop.

Using the vast rail network, it is shunted into rural sidings for a few weeks at a time where it becomes the nucleus of a comprehensive attack on causes of disability, involving the whole community.

Effective, on-the-spot treatment is offered free of charge, together with health education and immunisation, benefiting thousands of people each year.

In the 27 years since it has been running across the country, 2016 saw a first for this unique train; A patient suffering from an advanced stage of oral cancer underwent surgery in the mobile hospital on Christmas Eve, only a couple days after he was first examined by the doctors there.

52-year-old Hiralal Lodhi had a tumour in his mouth that has grown sizeably to make his jaws and cheeks appear bloated. He spent months visiting doctors but was asked to pay up additional sums of money for surgery. Although he owns some land, he doesn’t make a living from it, so he had nearly given up hope until he was informed by a neighbour about the Lifeline Express. After receiving the surgery he needed he has recovered well and sends his thanks to all of IMPACTs supporters.