While some people are obese, others are wasted or stunted.  This ‘double burden of malnutrition’ affects every country across the globe.  IMPACT’s Tasty Team was established in 2004, in response to rising rates of obesity and diet-related ill-health in our community.

What does the IMPACT Tasty Team do?

We support vulnerable adults and children in Mid Sussex and Crawley to cook healthy meals on a budget for 15 years. Our work is as important as ever; one third of 11-15 year olds are overweight or obese and with more overweight children likely to become overweight adults, there is a heightened risk of many serious conditions such as diabetes (type 2), asthma, cancer, heart disease and stroke in later life.

Using simple recipes we help the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our community to cook from scratch, focusing on reducing food waste through weekly meal planning, using leftovers and batch cooking and most importantly giving them confidence in the kitchen.

Through our work we:

  • Bring people together through food
  • Encourage people to cook from scratch
  • Educate people about making healthy food choices
  • Reach people who need help with diet and home cooking
  • Access young people to encourage healthy eating habits
  • Provide skills and knowledge to help people prepare healthy meals on a budget
  • Giving people the confidence to cook