The IMPACT Tasty Team works with schools, Children and Family Centres, local charitable organisations and social enterprises helping those that are the most disadvantaged to improve their diet and wellbeing across Mid Sussex and Crawley.

Get Cooking with Adults

IMPACT works with a number of targeted adult groups within the community. We ensure that recipes are not only affordable and nutritious but also quick and easy to prepare.

Get Cooking with Parents and Children

IMPACT’S Tasty Team provides school cooking clubs for parents and their children. This gives them the opportunity to learn new skills, spend quality time together and gain confidence in the kitchen whilst meeting other people on the course and sharing experiences. In these sessions we encourage participants to try new foods, to be comfortable experimenting and learning how to use store cupboard ingredients and understand food safety.

Tasty Sessions with Children 

We run regular Tasty Sessions in primary schools on the following topics; breakfasts, salads, healthy snacks and drinks. Pupils have the opportunity to try new healthy foods and create some dishes themselves. By targeting children, we hope that they will develop a lifelong interest in preparing and eating healthy meals with an understanding of the relationship between diet and their wellbeing. 

Participants in the Tasty Team programme acquire lifelong skills helping them to make important changes to improve their diet and eating habits. All the participants learn practical cooking skills and are guided through eating a well-balanced diet, budgeting and weekly meal planning.

Many of our participants are regular users of local foodbanks, may have mental health issues or are teenage mums living in hostel accommodation. The focus is on changing habits, bringing life skills to groups within the community and encouraging them to think about food for the next generation. How you eat affects how you feel, and giving people the practical skills for life to cook for themselves and their families can be a hugely positive step towards them feeling healthier, happier and living longer.