We work closely with local businesses as well as national companies to develop mutually beneficial partnerships that bring about lasting change in some of the poorest parts of the world.

There are many ways your company can help us raise valuable funds:

  • Employee fundraising – how about a team fundraising event? Many companies will match their employees fundraising efforts, making a huge contribution to our work.
  • Payroll Giving – this is a flexible scheme which allows anyone who receives their pay through payroll to give regularly and on a tax free basis to the charity of their choice.  Payroll Giving donations are deducted before tax so for every £1.00 that you give it, will only cost you 80p, and if you’re a higher rate tax payer it will only cost you 60p.
  • Gifts in kind – many companies choose to donate goods, equipment or services, which can be vital in preventing and treating needless disability worldwide.

“For many years Rayner has supported IMPACT by regular donations of premium quality monofocal lenses, helping to improve cataract patients’ quality of life, preventing disability and promoting independent, sustainable living. Rayner is very proud to be associated with IMPACT Foundation, and some of the world’s poorest people have had their sight restored with first class treatment and first class products because of this partnership.”

Claire Scully, Product Manager , Marketing Communications, Rayner