IMPACT has been fortunate to benefit from the support of the Inner Wheel Clubs of Great Britain and Ireland since our early days.

‘I have a long association with IMPACT, dating back to 1997 when I led the service organisation of the Inner Wheel Clubs in Great Britain and Ireland in support of IMPACT’s work in Bangladesh in the development of the River Boat Hospital, the Jibon Tari, which I had the opportunity to visit in 2001.

In 2011, with the support of Inner Wheel, a Family Health project was established in several large Bangladeshi villages to prevent ill health by simple hygiene measures within the communities.  Over 30,000 people benefitted from this scheme and it has since been rolled out over further villages.

IMPACT’s simple ethos of preventing disability by simple locally managed measures, has transformed the lives of many and has been replicated in other poorer countries of the world. I thoroughly recommend IMPACT’s work.’

Dr Sheila Halliday-Pegg

Now International Officer for the Inner Wheel Club of Bourne, Sheila and the club continue to support various IMPACT projects, making a vital contribution in our fight to combat needless disability.